Thursday, 30 October 2008

Marbury C.P.

I have not been to Marbury Country Park at the beginning of winter before. So I went with ears and eyes open. The trees looked magnificent. Leaves of fantastic colours, constantly falling in the wind. And what a wind we had. From the North-East, it was bitter. Even in the shelter. The wood slats are no barrier. Freezing. Armed with 4 ASDA's finest steak pies, and a flask of oxo. I am here for a while.
My first 15 minutes are to declare the breakfast bar open. With the cold around me, the planets population of pies has decreased by two. I watch out for perches that are favoured by the birds today. And then setup my digiscoping gear. focus on the perch, and wait. The Tit family are well represented, Blues, Greats and Coal tits show well...snap, snap. Nuthatches are eager for a snap too. Absentees, Robin, Long Tailed Tits, Reed Buntings, Dunnocks and Bullfinches. No kingfisher or Water Rails this is Marbury in October. 146 snaps in 3 hours (3 species only), 4 pies eaten, a flask of oxo emptied, I call it a day. I am hoping to get to Martin Mere WWT this weekend, see all those geese returning. The weather is forcast milder than today. It was cold on the fingers.

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Med - Duck.

Most of my time I am chasing birds...Not that kind, the feathered kind. But once in a while, a bird happens to be where I am, or is it that I attract the odd bird - No comment.
Roman Lakes, Marple. A patch of beauty in the Goyt Valley. All three woodpeckers have been recorded here, many Kingfishers zoom around the lake. I was here doing a bit off fishing, well it's my excuse to doing some wildlife watching from a tent, for a day. Later in the afternoon, A duck splashes down out of the blue. I give it a look. Hmm? funny duck...Give it another look. It's only a Red Crested Pochard. Camera out, snap, snap. This Med-Duck, is slowly colonising this country, on the quiet. Around this time of year, they start to appear, with Egyptian Geese who also turn up out of the blue. Keep your eyse peeled with the Wildfowl, now till Feb, and you may find yer own Med-Duck.

Manchester's Tern

Saturday 26th September. A day where Manchester, got a taste of summer. What a lovely morning. As I pay my quid at the gates of Heaton Park, The attendant says how busy he will be today. Car loads of families everywhere. I have fond memories, of when I was a nipper here. It was always a special treat when all the family and friends caught the two buses to get here. In them days, the parks where packed on sunny days with mill workers families ( as my parents where), finally getting out for some sunlight and fun with the kids. I also remember, coming here to do some fishing on the boating lake, playing truant, and ignoring the No fishing signs.
Today, I am here to see a rare tern. White Winged Black Tern...from behind a fence...and at distance...Grrrr! It's a fashion around here in the North-West, that If a reservoir is good for birds, then it's only open to permit holders only. These permits are as rare as finding a gold coupon in your chocolate bar. Sites that I used to have great days out at include Seaforth, Audenshaw, Prescot. All exclude birders without a permit.... But get this, at Audenshaw If you are a Dog walker, Jogger, Fishermen, Yacht owner's....It's ok!. We must be terrerorists or something. It really get's my goat. So it's thanks to Adrian Dancy for this great photo. Oh, And I had a lovely afternoon in the park, in the sun.