Sunday, 23 September 2007

Pennington Flash

The last time I was here, I think was February. Since then I have missed a few birds. This week saw a Red-Necked Phalarope, This morning a Mediteranean Gull. All gone now of course. So I have chosen to get a long staying and some times very confiding Garganey Duck. Just as I get to the area of water where it frequents, the heavens open and I didn't give it the time it deserved. In the brief time I was there though, I watched as a Great Crested Grebe struggled to swallow a small Pike of about 6 inches. A predator eating a predator. As all the ducks stuck there heads under their wings, to protect their heads from getting a soaking. (bit odd, don't you think? There they are floating on a lake, and they don't wish to get a soaking from the rain..must be just me to think this!!), All I see a floating backsides. One floating backside I notice, has a stiff-tail pointing up, and that duck could only belong to a Ruddy Duck, (species 159 on the list). Another bird resembled a large ball of black and white cotton.. A Black necked grebe, now in it's winter finery.
From the shelter of the 'NEW' hide, a pair of Green Sandpipers, and 13 Grey Herons, and plenty of wildfowl of different species completed a worthy trip.
Next week: I have booked on a 4 hour Sea cruise from Bridlington. I hate this trip. I was not meant for sailing. Last year the trip was cancelled due to bad weather - my prayers where answered then, but they are not always answered.

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

It's a good-bye from him...

It has noticeably becoming darker earlier, and earlier now. Too fast for me, soon the SAD will set in. Still I keep an eye on the sunsets and get the last rays of light each day. As I notice the sun disappearing, It comes to mind that swallows sightings are getting thin too. This years young have already set of for Africa, with a promise that, ..all well, they will reunite with their parents, (who set of weeks later), in a certain bush they have not seen, thousands of miles away, with only a mental map to guide them. Now that is the mystery of nature that makes me more interested with nature rather than Human beings.
Wishing good luck to all migrants, and I hope to see them next year too.