Sunday, 29 July 2007

"..Here comes the sun"

Horray the sunshine!. For the first time in ages, we have a dry weekend.
I set of to Leighton Moss, but hearing of congestion J28 M6 area, I made the decission to go to Southport instead.
Martin Mere WFWT L40 oTA. I was hoping to see some beaver!!!. Four Beavers where released two weeks ago. This is the first time they have been resident in Lancashire for 500 years. Sadly, today the didn't show up for a photo, but I could see recent film of them on a laptop.(I will have another go later).
Marshide RSPB. Situated on the coast road of Southport. Marshside has some of the best lowland wet grassland in the north-west of England, including the habitats of swamp, salt marsh and scrub with 11 km of ditches.It is also a favourite haunt for fellow digiscoper John Dempsey, follow the links to his great site. Plenty water, meant that some of the birds chose elsewhere to be. I did see Little Egret, Black Tailed Godwits - Hundreds, And the same Glossy Ibis I saw back in May on the other side of the Ribble.
Formby Point, L37 1LJ. Red squirrels can frequently be seen in the pine trees. To attract the squirrels, buy a bag of nuts - 30p, at the entrance. Follow the well marked routes, and you will surley see a few squirrels. They come very close. Today we was fortunate to see a Fox, a great bonus. There is miles of sand dunes to walk if you have the time. The shoreline attracts many waders, and if the wind is right, a good sea watching can be had.
A fantastic day out in the sun.

Sunday, 1 July 2007

Tunisia - New Hammamet

Tunisia - North West Africa. Phew!! What a scorcher...Glad to be back to the rain. With temperatures above the mid Forties during the day, and in the thirties at night. You can miss the rain back home.
Birding here is fantastic, whether you have a garden, sea or find a salt lake.
I gave two half days (mornings only) for birding because of the heat, being out in the afternoons was outside of my motivation, you know the dilemma - Birds in the scrub or birds by the pool?? It's a tough one, init!!
Thirty Eight species in total, I won't forget my first sightings of Grt. Flamingo's - Thousands of them, Collared Pratincole (Both lifers - tickerty-tick), Hundreds of Black-Wing Stilts, Little Terns everywhere there is water. People here are friendly too. Thanks to my Chauffeur for my Birthday drive to Korba Salinas - fantastic place to see wading birds.